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Rosaries wood, olive wood, plastics, metal, silver. Bracelet rosaries, ring, decade rosaries etc. etc
Material Rosaries
All the necessary for the realization of splendid rosaries.
Crosses wood, olive wood, metal, silver, gilded, smooth, glazed, of all the types......
A selection of medals in metal, silver, gilded, of different forms and subjects. Personalizations are effected in the subjects and in the forms.
Magnets of different forms and dimensions, in aluminum, gilded, silvered, nickel.Great assortment of the represented subjects. If our assortment missed a subject, we will create it for You
Key Rings
Selection of keyring in different forms and metals, possible personalization
Sacred Images
Great assortment of Sacred images, If our assortment missed a subject, you ask and we will do the possible to satisfy you.
Beautiful icons in silver, wood, with serigrafie, diptyches.
All of this that concerns the Christmas, from the decorations, to the Manger, to the most particular accessories.
All of this that concerns the Easter, eggs, chicks, etc. etc....
Statues - Angel
Statues in wood, resin, of various greatness and subjects.
Stupendous realizations in various measures and subjects.
A collection of great and small pictures, of materials and different forms, possible personalizations.
Frames of all the measures and materials.
Art. Murano
Stupendous realizations
Great assortment souvenir of Rome, Monuments of Rome, Gladiatorial, t-shirt, etc. etc.
Cloths and Leather
Footwear - Shirt - Knitwear - Wallet, Hats - Scarfs, Foulard, etc. etc...
Sacred ornaments
Casule, stole, and various articles Great assortment of sacred ornaments
Chalices, Ciboriums, Reliquaries, Tabernacles
Notevole assortimento - Inoltre forniamo il servizio di DORATURA, ARGENTATURA e RESTAURO di Calici, Pissidi, Ostensori, Patene, ecc. ecc
Accessori e Articoli Vari
Valigette per Celebrazione -Vino per Santa Messa - Ostie - Cera liquida - Incensi - Carboncini - Lucerne - Candelieri - Asperges - Bibbia ecc. ecc.

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